Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to Cooking With Cancer by Dr. Luis F. Pineda M.D

"Helping those afflicted with cancer to enjoy a better quality of life through good food."

Cooking with Cancer is a program designed specifically for cancer care of those persons who are afflicted with cancer, care givers of the patients, and all of those who work in the healthcare industry. The content is recipes researched and tested on patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Our goal is to provide a greater understanding of the breakdown in taste, smell and digestion so recommendations for patients are most effective.

In 2003, tired of seeing the same full cans of supplements on daily rounds and untouched meal trays, Dr. Luis F. Pineda enrolled in Culinard Institute to combine the art of cooking with the knowledge of medicine. His motivation is the patients past and present he has provided care for through his 26 plus years as an oncologist.

Some of our goals in the area of taste and smell include:

Developing taste and smell laboratory dedicated to patients suffering with cancer.

Fund clinical research dedicated to establish the causes, nature and treatment of the changes which cancer treatment introduces to the break down of patients taste and smell.

Developing of recipes with Institutions of Education in Nutrition and incorporating cooking during training sessions.

Developing scholarship aimed to favor career changes oriented to the catering of patients with cancer and their needs.

Developing curriculum changes, in colleges and universities, to recognize and study taste and smell changes of patients suffering of cancer and treatments.

Our company's utilization of profits:

  • Never to be utilize for financial gain of the officers.
  • Always reinvest into the corporation.
  • Developing of new programs.
  • Payment of expenses.
  • Printing of literature.
  • Developing scholarship in Nutritional Education for cancer cooking, recipe and research development.
  • Direct assistance for patients in financial or nutritional needs.
Keep checking back for recipes, research and other talk related to oncology and cooking.

Nutrition and Recipes for Cancer Patients - Cooking With Cancer

Thanks for reading,

Luis Pineda

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